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Know When to Service Your Watch: A Complete Guide

Watch servicing is an important aspect of keeping your timepiece functional. But, even watch enthusiasts don’t know about the right time to take their wristwatch for servicing. This article will explain everything about watch maintenance to make sure your luxury watch can last a lifetime.

Posted By Madiha Rizvi on January 16, 2024

All you need to know about watch servicing

Signs that Your Watch Needs Servicing

  • Watch Gaining Time
  • Watch Losing Time
  • Noise from the Watch You Didn’t Hear Before
  • Vapor or Water Droplets beneath the Crystal
  • Other Watch Complications Not Working Properly

Before your timepiece finally gives up, it shows you the signs that it needs servicing. It’s like a cry for help and if you don’t listen closely, then there’s a huge risk that you will lose your beloved wristwatch forever or might have to opt for expensive repairs. Here are the signs that you should look out for in a watch to see if it needs servicing.

Watch Gaining Time

watch servicing time
A timgrapher can tell exactly how much time is the watch gaining/losing

This problem can appear in your mechanical or automatic watch over time. There can be many reasons behind this problem, such as drying lubrication, magnetization, or malfunctioning of the internal components.

If your quartz watch is showing the second hand jumping ahead in 3-4 seconds, then it might be because the timepiece needs a battery replacement. When this happens, you need to instantly take your timepiece to a professional, such as our Swiss-trained watch technicians at Chronostreet to get it checked and fixed.

Watch Losing Time

Is your manual or automatic watch losing time even when they are fully wound? If yes, then there could be many problems behind this issue. In any case, the watch needs proper servicing to find out the culprit behind the watch losing time.

Only a professional can thoroughly examine the wristwatch and examine if the watch needs any repairs or simply fixes will do the trick. You can check with our professional watchmakers who have experience working with top-tier luxury watch brands to get to the bottom of the story.

Noise from the Watch You Didn’t Hear Before

If there’s a noise coming out of your timepiece, then it’s a problem. A luxury watch does not naturally rattle, which is why it should be a reason for concern for you.

If a part of your watch has become loose, then it can affect your watch’s movement and cause more damage than you can think of. So, don’t avoid the noise coming from your watch, and take it to a professional before it’s too late.

Vapor or Water Droplets beneath the Crystal

wathc servicing and repair

You might have gone for a dive or swim in the ocean and forgot to screw the crown down. Or it could just be your vintage timepiece with a push-pull crown.

Regardless of how the water got inside the watch, the idea is to get it serviced immediately after you spot a vapor or water droplet beneath the crystal. There’s a chance that the gasket is broken, which means you might have broken the movement. If this is not fixed, the water can remain inside and rust can start to develop on the parts, causing further damage.

Other Watch Complications Not Working Properly

Not all, but several luxury watches come with different complications. There’s a huge chance that the wristwatch is working fine, but a few complications are not working the way they should be. This is a sign that your timepiece needs servicing.

If you’ve noticed a problem for a long time and it’s not going away, then it’s time to bring your wristwatch to our experts for a fix. Don’t fret; our experts will look into the problem and will come up with the best solution for it.

Watch Service for All Movements

Whether you own an automatic, quartz, or mechanical watch, they all need servicing after a certain period. Just because something is not broken does not mean they don’t need to get checked. Without servicing, the watch can develop problems later on, leading to expensive repairs that can be heavy on your pocket.

Sometimes, the timepiece does not require anything more than a simple battery replacement. However, if you want your wristwatch to look and feel as new as ever, then it needs to be cleaned, lubricated, and tested for waterproofing.

If you wear your luxury watch regularly, then it becomes of paramount importance to get your watch serviced every few years, depending on the brand, to make sure it stays in the best condition.

Service Your Watch to Keep It Functional for a Long Time

Watch servicing is important for every luxury watch. Many watch enthusiasts don’t understand its importance unless there’s a problem with the timepiece. It’s best to take care of your watch before it finally gives up and you have to invest thousands in the repair. Talk to our experts at Chronostreet and get your watch serviced right away!

Written By

Madiha Rizvi

Madiha is a seasoned content writer with 6+ years of experience working in the luxury watches industry. Whether it’s a Rolex or an Audemars Piguet, she knows all about it. So, when she gives advice on servicing, polishing, and authenticating your luxury timepiece, it means that it’s tried and tested. Follow her and find all about luxury watch services under the umbrella of Chronostreet.

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