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Luxury Watch Authentication

Investing in a luxury watch comes with a big question mark—is the watch real or fake? If this confusion is keeping you up at night, then Chronostreet is here to solve this dilemma for you. Come to our store to get your premium watch authenticated by an expert watch technician who has worked with Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, Patek Phillipe, Cartier, Hublot, and other top watch brands. Buy the watch confidently after getting it checked by the professionals.

Thorough Examination by Expert Authenticators

Don’t get blindsided by the look and feel of the wristwatch. Many counterfeiters have got good with these watches. This is where we come in. We’re here to help you find out if you’re investing your money in the right place or not. Our experts hold 25+ years of experience in the luxury watch industry, enabling them to instantly tell the difference between a real watch and a fake one. We have just the right tools to corroborate our findings, so don’t fall prey to the wrong hands.


Process of Watch Authentication ​

The experts at Chronostreet combine tools and experience to examine if the luxury watch is authentic or not. Here’s how the process follows:

1. Examine on the basis of look and feel​

Our watchmakers have worked with premium watches for over 25 years giving them the keen eye needed to spot the smallest of the details. They carefully look at each of the watch parts, such as the bezel, dial, hands, and bracelet, under a microscope to check for originality. Many luxury watches can be real, but some of their parts are replaced, which can affect the watch’s value and desirability. So, they make sure each and every thing in the watch is the way the brand intended it to be.

Examine on the basis of look and feel
Metal Examination & Stone Testing

2. Metal Examination & Stone Testing

Moving to the next step, our watch technicians verify if the metal used in the watch is fake or real with the use of high-end tools. They are able to tell whether the watch is actually made of gold or is just a steel watch that has been gold-plated. Our experts further use equipment to verify if the diamonds or other precious stones on the watch are real or not. ​

3. Movement Authentication​

Coming to an important step, our watch engineers carefully opened the case back of the timepiece and examined all parts of the watch to see if they were authentic or not. With the amount of experience they have, they can tell if the watch is real or fake without opening the case back. Only if there are any red signals, do they recommend opening the case back. Or, upon the client’s request, they are more than happy to open the watch and check everything from the inside as well.

Customer Testimonials ​

Rob Hendrix
Rob Hendrix
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When it comes to luxury watches, authenticity is everything. The watch authentication service from Chronostreet not only knows their watches but also makes the whole process smooth. The team's professionalism was impressive. Highly recommended!
Monica Lee
Monica Lee
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So, I've got this collection of high-end watches, and handing them over for authentication was a bit nerve-wracking. But let me tell you, these guys are amazing! They know their stuff inside out, and their tech is top-notch. Now, I rock my watches with confidence, thanks to this fantastic team!
Franklin Jr.
Franklin Jr.
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I can't thank the Chronostreet team enough! They went above and beyond, carefully examining my watches and making sure they were the real deal. Their attention to detail and friendly approach made the whole process a breeze. If you're a watch lover like me, this is where you should go! ​

Get Your Luxury Watch Authenticated Today​

Bring your luxury possessions to Chronostreet where we will perform the watch authentication process on the same day for you. Whether you’re planning to buy a new watch or confused about an old one – call us and visit our store today to relieve yourself from the stress!