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Price List For All Services​

Luxury watches do not cost a fortune to maintain. ChronoStreet offers reasonable prices on a variety of services offered under one roof. From complete servicing to repairs and polishing, you can show your watch some love and care starting at as low as AED 50. Check out the full price list here. 

Full Service

  • Rolex Starting from AED 1,195

    Datejust, Oyster Perpetual

  • Rolex Starting from AED 1,495

    Submariner, GMT-Master, Yacht-Master

  • Rolex Starting from AED 1,495


  • Rolex Starting from AED 2,495

    Cosmograph Daytona

  • Rolex Starting from AED 1,995


  • Audemars Piguet Starting from AED 1,995

    All models

  • Patek Philippe Starting from AED 2,995

    All models

  • Omega Starting from AED 1,495

    All models

  • Hublot Starting from AED 1,495

    All models

  • Cartier Starting from AED 795

    All models

*Prices do not include any parts replacement. These prices are just for standard servicing.

Repairs & Other Services

Repairs & Other Services

  • Battery Replacement Starting From AED 50

    Bring back Quartz watches to life

  • Cleaning and Polishing Starting From AED 595

    Make your watch shiny new again

  • Glass Replacement Starting From AED 995

    Too many scratches? Swap the glass

  • Link Adjustment AED 49

    Get a perfect fit by removing/adding links

  • Dial Change Excl. Parts Starting from AED 395

    Bored of the same look? Swap the dial for a refreshing look

  • Dial Refinishing Starting from AED 295

    Remove any spots on the dial

  • Watch Engraving Starting from AED 895

    Leave a mark by engraving your name or logo on the watch

  • Diamond and Gemstone Setting Depends on Order

    Bling things up with diamond setting on your watch

  • Bezel Restoration Depends on Order

    Bezel looks too old? Give it a new life

  • Bracelet Tightning Starting from AED 595

    Tighten an old bracelet

  • Strap replacement Starting from AED 149

    Change your leather/rubber strap for a new look & feel

*Prices above are just a rough estimate. For some models, prices might be out of these set boundries.


  • Rolex Steel Oyster/Jubilee AED 695

    Datejust, Submariner, YachtMaster, GMT,Daytona

  • Rolex Two Tone Gold AED 795

    Datejust, Submariner, YachtMaster, Daytona

  • Rolex Full Gold AED 1,195

    Submariner, Daytona, SkyDweller, GMT, YachtMaster

  • Audemars Piguet Steel AED 1,295

    Royal Oak

  • Audemars Piguet Gold AED 1,595

    Royal Oak

  • Generic Steel Brands AED 595

    Any brand

  • Patek Philippe Steel AED 1,395


  • Patek Philippe Two Tone AED 1,595


  • Patek Philippe Gold AED 1,795


  • Cartier Steel AED 695

    Santos or Other

  • Hublot Steel AED 695

    Big Bang or Other

*Prices above are without dent filling.

Authentication & Insurance Appraisal

  • Authentication AED 595

    Get your watch validated and authenticated

  • Insurance Appraisal AED 595

    Get Fair Market Value of your watch for Insurance