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Watch Polishing​

Bring your watch back to its original glory by getting it polished by professionals to remove dents and scratches. At Chronostreet, we use state-of-the-art equipment to enhance your watch’s overall look and feel by cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting its movement. Save your watch from expensive repairs by bringing it to the team of professionals, focused on making your timepiece shine like never before. ​

Luxury Watch Cleaning and Polishing Process

1. Separating Watch Parts

Our experts separate the movement and keep it safe to avoid any damage. Later on, they take out the bracelet, pushers, bezel, and all other parts to clean your luxury watch inside out.

2. Polishing the Parts

All the luxury watch parts are separately polished on a state-of-the-art polishing machine to bring back the shine. At this point, our experts refer to the official site of the brand to see if the timepiece should have a shiny polish or a matte on to make sure it looks just like the one you bought from the store.

3. Bathing Parts in Ultrasonic Tank

After the polishing is complete, all parts of the timepiece are immersed in an ultrasonic tank to remove even the worst kind of dirt off the luxury watch.

4. Drying Parts in Machine

All parts of the luxury watch are dried in a separate machine with hot air/steam to ensure it’s clean and free from all debris before putting it back together.

5. Assembling it back

In this step, our watchmakers ready the watch by putting all the parts together.

6. Testing the Watch

Lastly, our technicians test the functions of the timepiece to ensure it’s working fine before delivering it to the customer.

Quality Watch Renovation in the Heart of Jumeirah​

Chronostreet is the go-to cleaning and polishing stop for all watch enthusiasts in Dubai who wish to keep their timepieces looking as new as ever. Located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, our luxury watch service store is dedicated and committed to providing top-quality service to all customers when it comes to taking care of their luxury possessions. Bring your luxury timepiece to our watch service store in Dubai today to bring it back to life.


Watch Polishing Testimonials

Maria Boliva
Maria Boliva
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I brought a Rolex GMT Master II to Chronostreet and glad to say that it was returned in the best condition to me. I trusted them with my watch and they did not disappoint me. Their store is conveniently located near Palm Jumeirah which is just 5 minutes away from my home!
Amir Mawlawi
Amir Mawlawi
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I found this store two weeks ago. I took my father’s Patek Phillipe there for servicing and polishing as I wanted to surprise him on his birthday. If you don’t want to be ripped off, then this is where you should go guys. I will soon bring all my Rolexes as well!
Mirian Shaaban
Mirian Shaaban
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Amazing customer service! They are very knowledgeable when it comes to luxury watches. They not only polished by Hublot but also fixed the bracelet for me. And they are very affordable! Highly recommended for watch polishing.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Normally, our polishing service takes up to 4 days, but it depends on the brand and model.

Yes. Customers have to get in touch with us to schedule the polishing service for their timepieces.

Luxury watch polishing starts from AED 695. The pricing depends upon the watch brand and model. However, if there are any dents in the device, then the filling will be charged separately.